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GPS and A-GPS introduction and description

2017-05-31 21:56:29 admin

 Why my phone to support GPS, in actual use but also spend spending fees? The reason is that the current mobile phone is not necessarily equipped with GPS module, but an improved technology, A-GPS (Asist-GPS auxiliary positioning system). This technology is generated in order to be faster and more convenient to provide users with location services, but also in the cost of some savings, because you can save some of the computing performance.


    A-GPS mainly uses the available network, first by the phone's IP address or the base of the signal tower base station address to determine the scope of the first, the scope of the determination only need instantaneous speed, and then through the data connection will receive the phone The signal is connected to the network server to operate, and finally return the results, the entire process can be controlled within 40 seconds.


    However, such a solution will follow some problems, such as some of the cheap A-GPS module will be the original part of the GPS computing cut, can not be networked means that can not locate; and users need to network Additional to the mobile phone operators to pay data traffic costs; Finally, the user's privacy is not guaranteed, need to be handled by a third party to handle sensitive location information.