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What is a GPS module? What is the role of GPS module? What is the use of GPS module?

2017-05-31 21:55:44 admin

GPS module is installed in the electronic terminal equipment, specifically for positioning, navigation and timing of an IC.

       GPS also has hardware and software points, GPS hardware is divided into conventional and functional, GPS module system hardware can be divided into three parts, the ground base station, the sky satellite and our hands of the terminal equipment, then how to choose Buy a good performance of the GPS module, how to look at its hardware? The following by Xiaobian for everyone to introduce, we have to choose how kind of GPS hardware? Be sure to know what GPS module is used for?

    I believe we have a certain understanding of the GPS module, GPS module is to use a processor to receive the signal, after receiving the signal and our mobile devices with each other to achieve our position to determine and route settings. GPS inside the hardware for the navigation results are very influential, because the good GPS module navigation is very accurate, we have to buy a superior performance of the navigator, you must fancy the performance of these GPS module hardware parameters, let us come Have a good understanding of some of it

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GPS module hardware conventional hardware: motherboard or circuit board, chip, antenna, etc., these are essential hardware; like Bluetooth, FM transmitter module, a variety of signal interfaces are functional hardware.

GPS module hardware structure .jpg

Formal factory production of GPS module circuit board is a patch attached to the machine, this benefit is the use of a long time will not be bad contact, for example, the metal inside is oxidized and cause normal positioning and navigation, because Manufacturing GPS module manufacturers have a lot, and uneven, so the manufacturers have good or bad will affect the quality of GPS module circuit board.

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       Chip is a very important part of the GPS module inside, and now most of the design of GPS chips are foreign manufacturers, foreign GPS chip also has a very good technology began to use, in recent years with the development of science and technology, high-tech chip constantly Was developed, which will give GPS module performance has a better improvement, the future sensitivity of the chip will be further increased.

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Navigation system which accepts the signal is an indispensable device is the antenna, and usually when we watch TV also have access to the antenna, the antenna type there are two, as the GPS navigation inside the antenna are flat antenna, and outside the use of Antenna is a helical antenna, when looking at the antenna, the general choice is better plastic packaging, metal packaging antenna may interfere with the satellite signal.

In addition, in the current navigator market, there are a lot of metal materials packaged in the GPS module inside, there will be a small part of the non-metallic materials, in fact, this is the antenna, although some cars are very upscale, but the window inside the metal Made, if the closure of the window, the signal will be difficult to receive, so the choice of metal materials to pay special attention.

And mobile phones, because the navigator is used in the outdoor more, most of the battery are lithium battery, lithium battery can be used for a long time plug, choose GPS module hardware to pay attention to there are many, here is not one Introduced, but we buy time, we must see the navigation device instructions to understand the performance of each hardware in order to know which GPS module is good, so as to help us choose a most suitable for our navigator. More details on more GPS modules can be found on the HTGNSS product bar!